Wednesday, 4 March 2009

In The Loop

I am so unbelievably excited about In The Loop (jesus i sound like a blogger) A film spin off from In The Thick Of It which I have waxed lyrical about before here. This time it deals with the build up to the Iraq war, I've blamed the Iraq war on Alistair Campbell in the past so I'm looking forward to seeing how Malcolm the Alistair Campbell figure comes across in this case. Check out this clip to see why I am excited, it's out in April.


Charles said...

HA Malcolm at his finest. i hope there's a hugh-esque character somewhere i enjoyed the innocent stupidity and the back and forths with him and Toby. can't wait though.

After you blogged it last time, i watched both series in a day, it was a hard slog but a beneficial one.

Tom Forde said...

"it's not a fucking jane austin novel"

jeez that's more than me, havent seen series 2 yet.

interesting that Olly has changed to Toby, wonder if his character will be any different, doubt it/hope not.