Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Blood Diamond & others...

Whist ill in bed (yes sympathy required) I have caught up on a few dvds. I really recommend Blood Diamond if you haven't seen it already, I was put off when it originally came out because it was marketed like an action film, but as we learnt with Slumdog Millionaire, trailers are targeted at idiots. The film does have some slightly annoying hollywood aspects but this is by far out weighed by the view of conflict in Sierra Leone we are given, the first half in particular reminded me why one should really give a fuck about Africa (and while we're at it people Gaza)

The Thick Of It is also brilliant, I don't know how I missed it when it was on TV, it is unbelievably good. The above is the opening 10 minutes and it basically shows all it's charms, It is a political comedy set in the The Department of Social Affairs, it follows the minster there, and his advisers, as well as the Alistair Campbell type figure Malcolm. Seeing Malcolm at work basically lays out how Blair's government got away with all the shit they pulled (like the Hutton report)

I also re watched Gone Baby Gone, it's still just as good as it was at the cinema, and it's not just because Casey Affleck one of my favourite people in the whole world is in it. It's written by one of the writers of The Wire, Dennis Lehane and it kind of shows, the story is great and it's all very authentic and poetic. Speaking of Casey Affleck, is this true? Joaquin Phoenix is faking going mental and Casey is filming it? why not.

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