Friday, 29 January 2010

Broken Bells - The High Road

A nice video based on the premise that shit looks good at night, From the Dangermouse and James Mercer of The Shins album that comes out in March.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Alec Soth - Glass Jars

A little film from Photographer Alec Soth

Nas & Damian Marley

I'm quite excited about this album that comes out in April, this song sounds pretty vital to me.

As We Enter

Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe

This video made me feel all kinds of things, and I'm relatively dead inside. It's brilliant watch it!
I have issues with the ending but I'm sure they had there reasons.

Jenny Wilson - Like A Fading Rainbow

Just had a real urge to watch music videos.

Sia- You've Changed

Monday, 25 January 2010

Too Much Chocolate Kodak Winners

All these people won free film or some shit. Big wop, my granddad won a mountain bike once. Front and back suspension mother fucker.

Leah Tepper Byrne ...I've been in like a million cars mate

Anna Beeke What happened to your sitter?

Susan Worsham tiny apples?

Molly Landreth I actually like this little fella

Magda Biernat blah blah buildings

Collin LaFleche can't even see his face

Andy Spyra hope you've won some colour film

Phil Jung twigs and a tin...

Catlin Price at Yale apparently...shit hole

The First Year in Pictures

I know I always blog these things, but I bloody love em. Link. Obama is still a G don't be mistaken, he will take you down you fat shit (I'm talking to the G.O.P not you)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Guy Aroch

I quite like Guy Aroch.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Iceland Fashion Week Vice Story

Ags with the help of Jules, Alan & Caroline did a collection for Iceland fashion week, then went to Iceland for the week, Hamilton Morris from Vice also went, they all made friends while I was bleaching the fridge back home, this is Hamilton's story. There is a big ol video about it coming out in Febz too.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Have you seen it? The cheeky bastards. Don't worry the lawyers are on it. A site where people go and upload their thoughts on Britain, what a shitstorm waste of time.

"Tony are you coming to the Lion mate? quiz time"
"I'll meet you later guys I'm uploading a video of myself talking about the true nature of climate change"

In this uploaded video a girl states that she doesn't think the license fee is worth it, because the BBC only really shows politics, and she only really likes reality shows, things she can vote for, although she does concede that Top Gear is sort of a reality show...

Jesus wept.

Ryan Mosley

If you are in central London you could do a lot worse than nip into the Alison Jacques gallery just off Oxford street and check out Ryan Mosley's new exhibition of paintings. That's the same place that Ryan McGinley just had an exhibition. Mosley is a mate of Sweeny's and is 'a bit of lad from the North' so it's great seeing him sticking to the London giltterati...ok I don't know if there is a London giltterati, I don't know if it matters that Ryan is a bit of lad from the North but to me it seems important, or at least notable.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bear In Heaven

I promise to find some time soon to have a really good look for new music and share it on here. This album is the only thing I have been excited about recently. Listen to the whole thing on Spotify or Myspace Music and save me saying things like 'It's a bit proggy, a bit electro, a bit poppy, and quietly epic"

EDIT: or click the below cos I've just worked out how to embed music

Wholeheart Mess

thanks Noel for the tip.

Treme Teaser

From the makers of The Wire, not sure when it is expected on air, could google it, can't be bothered.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Saatchi Gallery Shows

There is a great exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in South London at the moment, featuring contemporary Abstract American painting and sculpture. I'd never been to the Saatchi gallery until this weekend, it's off the chain despite my misgivings about the man's taste, very nice thick wooden floors (very important)

Aside from the american exhibition there is a room full of crude freaking oil! pictured above, it's gosh damn amazing. At first I though there was nothing in the room, nearly left with a scrunched up face, I've gone down to the Lower ground floor (LGF) for this bull shit? But then I realised it was a near magical room, the metal thing seems to just float and not really make optical sense...

The Road

Click to enlarge.

Just wanted to throw my hat in the ring regarding The Road, I saw it at the weekend and thought it was pretty darn amazing, it has stayed with me like nothing I've seen. I'd not read the book or seen the trailer, I just heard it was really bleak and depressing and though that's for me. It was really bleak and depressing, and also really harrowing at some points, if you are a bit gay maybe stere clear, her in doors would have probably walked out after 20mins if it hadn't been for my assurance that I'd never speak to her ever again if she left, but afterwards she was thrilled she'd stayed. I love when a script seems distilled down to it's most organic and honest form like this, there's nothing worse than being manipulate by Hollywood whistles and bells...well there are things worse than that, just ask Viggo after he has opened a trap door about 20mins into the film The Road. Anywayz I wont go on just catch it if you can.

By the way I wouldn't watch the trailer if you haven't already it show too much for my liking.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Nice Tavi video

Modernist Posters

Now I'm a bit of troglodyte as I'm sure you are aware, but a certain friend of mine quite likes things like Modernism, she's very often pointing at buildings and remarking on their functionality and lack of historical influence, so when I saw these posters in a magazine my eyes lit up "look! I know what the fuck these are!" They are brilliant, loads of great ones here.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Soren Solkaer Starbird

If you are in a shop that sells Soren's book 'Closer' have a look, it has some amazing band portraits.

A Prophet

I meant to blog this in November when I saw it and make myself look real cool, but I didn't and now it's all over the place and I look like johnny regurgitate. Anyway, A Prophet is blooming amazing, make sure you see it when it comes out.