Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Have you seen it? The cheeky bastards. Don't worry the lawyers are on it. A site where people go and upload their thoughts on Britain, what a shitstorm waste of time.

"Tony are you coming to the Lion mate? quiz time"
"I'll meet you later guys I'm uploading a video of myself talking about the true nature of climate change"

In this uploaded video a girl states that she doesn't think the license fee is worth it, because the BBC only really shows politics, and she only really likes reality shows, things she can vote for, although she does concede that Top Gear is sort of a reality show...

Jesus wept.

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yeahbigapple said...

While its really bad that this exists and lots of silly people use it, you used the wrong 'there'.

Next you'll be saying how much Jeremy Clarkson should be prime minister.