Monday, 11 January 2010

The Road

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Just wanted to throw my hat in the ring regarding The Road, I saw it at the weekend and thought it was pretty darn amazing, it has stayed with me like nothing I've seen. I'd not read the book or seen the trailer, I just heard it was really bleak and depressing and though that's for me. It was really bleak and depressing, and also really harrowing at some points, if you are a bit gay maybe stere clear, her in doors would have probably walked out after 20mins if it hadn't been for my assurance that I'd never speak to her ever again if she left, but afterwards she was thrilled she'd stayed. I love when a script seems distilled down to it's most organic and honest form like this, there's nothing worse than being manipulate by Hollywood whistles and bells...well there are things worse than that, just ask Viggo after he has opened a trap door about 20mins into the film The Road. Anywayz I wont go on just catch it if you can.

By the way I wouldn't watch the trailer if you haven't already it show too much for my liking.

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Gareth Morgan esq. said...

i read the book last week in preparation. im so excited. hopefully seeing it tomorrow avec my mumsy