Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Sorry posts have dried up recently, I started a different job and have far less time to imbibe and share cultural snippets. I keep meaning to do a new music round up, hopefully I will get round to it soon, maybe a radioshow or a spotify albums thing. In the mean time I'd listen to Sufjan's new Ep and Lp if i were you, you can get them really easily for $5 and $8 here which is nothing considering the quality of the work.

It's still all going off on my Twitter though.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Marcell The Shell


Monday, 23 August 2010

Russia in Colour, A Century Ago!

These colour pictures of pre revolution/pre world war 1 Russia are unbelievable, go to The Big Picture to see all 36 pictures a lot bigger. They are actually making my heart race, well could be this brew, but something is putting me on edge.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Friday, 20 August 2010

Laura Marling NPR Session

Lovely interview and stuff with Marling on america's answer to the BBC or whatever here

Interview with Scott Pilgrim cast

This made me laugh blumming loads.

Twitter: Follow Friday Expanded

Here is a guide to my twitter world partly to help beginners get envolved partly for fun. Sorry it's not very interactive or tidy

@r4today best news prog ever, also see @evanHD my favourite presenter and good tweeter
@CarolineLucas Green Party Leader, MP, liberal legend.
@krishgm Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 news, a better tweeter than @jonshowC4
@faisalislam economic editor of Channel 4 news, great tweeter
@rob_fitzpatrick Guardian Music Journalist, Seems like a nice chap, tweets about music and life in South London.
@lexytopping Alexandra Topping general journalist
@Sarah_Crown, Editor of guardian.co.uk/books, Inside track on books
@j_freedland Guardian commentator
@VictoriaPeckham Janice Turner, Times journalist and great tweeter
@sathnam Times columnist and friend of Chris Morrish

@VaughanCricket Michael Vaughn, I didn't really like his public persona when he was England captain but now he is my favourite thing about Test Match Special, great banter and great cricketing insights, when he is in with @aggerscricket the whole world seems like a nicer place.
@Swannyg66 the best thing to happen to cricket since the Ashes '05
@AlisonMitchell part of the TMS team I think

Comedy etc
@JosieLong one of my comedy heros along with Kitson and @timkeyperson, well liberal to boot, very often chatting shit about the Tories, like the fact that season 4 of The Wire IS THEIR WORST SERIES, WHEN WE ALL KNOW IT'S THE BEST.
@Aiannucci Aramando Iannucci innit, creator of The Thick Of It, also see @jessearmstrong1 writer of The Thick Of It and Peep Show and @simonblackwell
@LloydWoolf from Cowards on BBC4
@mrchrisaddison Chris Addison is a good famous tweeter
@Average_Batman very funny tweets about the life of an Average Batman
@Charltonbrooker Charlie Brooker, leg end.
@lindaaccounts Linda in accounts is a sweet little 59 year old originally from the Philippines says some right things, John in accounts tweets them
"look at Tiger Woods, he is a man, his wife should have expected it"

@gazaztron Gareth Morgen innit.
@maneatinglion Chris Morrish, one of my best friends despite the fact he is a bastard
@lisaheleddjones Lisa Jones, Welsh, one of my favourite tweeters, runner of scrabble sunday and the junket comedy club, we actually know each other from twitter but now are friends in real life, crazy. Also see @paulbarnett1 and @jonnyathan and @henrywiddicombe and @benpartridge
@stackalula Stacey Elliott, a companion.
@aaroncornish good mate from uni
@liamthemuseum friend from college just moved to London
@_outofthewoods my brother David
@bryonyforde my sister
@blowupchurch Jaqueline Chellmy sister's boss, lovely person and good tweeter
@charlescrich Crich number 2/3
@danieljbrayson Brayson innit
@encoreencore Rob Crich, my boy.

@kitsunenoir design and generally modern stuff, based in LA
@gorillavsbear one of the only music blogs I check
@TLOBF The Line of Best Fit, english music blog
@lecool Great guide to London
@booooooom young photography, design and art.

@alexispetridis Guardian Journalist, one of my favourite tweeters and persons in general
@loscamesinos Gareth from Los Camp is good tweet banter
@moshimoshimusic manned by Stephen Moshi, lovely chap seemingly
@nowwave manchester promoters and club runners
@pitchforkmedia the best/biggest music site obviously but it is a great institution to have on our side
@popjustice one of the best tweeters out there although he doesn't seem as prolific as he once was
@arzE Vampire Weekend lead singer, I like him very much.

Obvious Ones
@kanyewest, @katyperry,
@MargaretAtwood one of my favourite authors
@ProfBrianCox Rock Roll Physicist

I have definately missed people so will keep adding to this as I remember them.

The National Radio Session.

Here is a really nice radio session The National have done for Minnesota Public Radio, nice interview, stripped down versions of High Violet songs and a new song.

Arcade Fire

So The Arcade Fire are back. I think the new album is great, a proper album that can be invested in during these times of change. The other week they streamed a gig online, you can watch most of it on their youtube channel in hi def (I have relatively modern computer now so I can take advantage of such things for the first time in the history of Tom) I'd draw particular attention to Win's introduction to Power Out, gotta love that shit. The youtube channel is full on sponsorship which is surprising for Arcade Fire but I heard that was so they can give the money to Haiti, probably true so we'll let em off.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Howl Trailer etc

Well this looks good. It's hard not to be a tiny bit in love with James Franco. Esquire have been all over his business this month, below is the first part of 5 parts of an interview he did with his brother, also an actor. The rest and some other Franco stuff is here.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Words by Everynone

Inspiring short film.


The brilliant sketch show Cowards is currently being repeated on BBC so is on IPlayer. The first 3 episodes are on youtube as well. It couldn't be further up my street. Tim Key is in it with 3 other brilliant people I can't be bothered to type out.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Julien Vallée

Two amazing videos via beautiful decay

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sally Mann - Photographers' Gallery

The Sally Mann exhibition at The Photographers' Gallery is off the chain. Till 19th Sept.


I hadn't been on The Sartorialist for time till today, always makes me equal parts optimistic/envious.

Tell No One Videos

Tell No One is the blog of film makers Luke Wright and Remi Weeks, has these sweet ass tests on there.

Perfume Genius - Learning

The Perfume Genius album is great. It's a guy from Seattle called Mike Hadreas with a bleak sounding piano, a bit of a past, and a gift for melody. The album is out on Matador which speaks volumes. Luckily for us it's on Spotify and the whole thing is on Myspace.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

WU LYF - New Video

WU LYF keep coming up with the goods orally and visually.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Toynbee Test - Ed Balls

I think Polly should be given her own show or a spot on Newsnight, maybe it's just because I tend to agree with her politically but she does seem to ask the right questions.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Michael Lewis on 60 Minutes

This is 60 minutes with the author of The Big Short, don't watch it if you plan on reading the book, but otherwise it's quite interesting I would have thought.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Secret in Their Eyes

The film that surprisingly beat A Prophet and The White Ribbon to the Best Forgien Film Oscar is out soon, just wanted to say it's bloody brilliant, give it a watch, a bit over long but pretty much worth an Oscar.

Disposable Diary: Latitude 2010

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Michael Lewis - The Big Short

While we're talking about the financial crisis, Michael Lewis' book The Big Short is bloody amazing, Ira Glass recommended it in this interview and he was right. It's basically about people who saw the financial crisis happening well before it did, it explains the whole thing brilliantly and contains unbelievable knowledge about who and what was involved. It's a great book about this shit for cretins like me. This is him talking.

David Harvey "Crisis of Capitalism" Animated

This is likely to be the best youtube clip you will ever see.

It's a speech by Marxist scholar David Harvey about the financial crisis, already quite funny and very interesting, but with the animation it becomes like magic.

Can't remember who suggested it, but let's be honest it was probably Revolutionary Rob

Field Day: Phoenix

I hope to goodness you have a Field Day Ticket.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Some Rules

While sat on some steps having my lunch I thought of some rules

Don't shop at Tesco
Don't watch The Hills (ironically or otherwise)
Don't, when talking about going to a country say you are going to 'do' it
Don't spend much money on bags
Don't habitually take drugs
Don't be ignorant about current affairs
Don't, when talking about music say you like 'a bit of everything' when in fact you like 'nothing'
Don't get too angry about about sport
Don't let the pictures become the event
Don't get takeaways very often
Don't sit in the pub when you could go to the park
Don't eat at Pizza Express

Read more books, drink more water.


let's be friends.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Salem - King Night

OMG, this is HUUUUUGH... Fern Cotton lexicon aside, I'm serious, describing it's size seems very appropriate MASSIVE, BIG etc. It's the title track and opener of their new album coming out Sept 28th


Salem - King Kong

Curren$y - King Kong

Well this is bloody good, track and video both. From his forthcoming album Pillow Talk.

Friday, 18 June 2010

The Great Escape 2010 video

Here is our trip to Brighton filmed and brilliantly edited by Gareth

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Hello, I would like to talk about #3

From the blog 'I like this blog' here is my buddy Glen Erler talking about his friend and artist Barry Kamen.

Real Talk - R Kelly

"dude, wanna work on the lyrics or you just gonna keep making it up on the spot?"

Monday, 14 June 2010

The Guillermo Ultimatum

World Cup Good Stuff

In case you missed it, Baddiel and Skinner have a world cup podcast here, it's very entertaining (when Frank is talking) they are in South Africa so it's nice to get a bit of atmosphere. The Guardian's World Cup Daily is obviously very good too here. And lastly this is a great timetable to save in your bookmarks

Agi & Sam

Agi & Sam have a lovely website up. oh is it? AgiandSam.com

Balenciaga Resort 2011

Like this collection, fresh innit, click here to see nice big pictures of it.

Luke Stephenson

Luke Stephenson takes some sweet ass pictures, often quite amusing, he's a lovely chap to boot.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Greg Girard

Canadian Photographer. more

Graham Gillmore

Canadian Artist. More here

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Creators Project: Mark Ronson

I have a soft spot for Ronson, covers some interesting ground here.

Katinka Lampe

Love these portraits.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Nuit Blanche

Magic. Directed by Arev Manoukian

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fecal Face: Picture of the Day

Don't forget to keep checking Fecal Face's Picture of the Day

Fresh Faced and Wide Eyed 2010

This great exhibition of recent graduates finishes at The Photographer's Gallery in London on Sunday, go if you can perhaps, just off Oxford Street innit. Picture by Anna Linderstam
Great song in a Crystal Castles/Lo Fi Fnk/Passion Pit way
Great video in a Booooooom photography brought to life type of way, directed by the very talented Special Problems. The Naked and the Famous Myspace

Wednesday, 2 June 2010