Saturday, 30 May 2009

England Cricketers

Nice shoot in the Observer today, giving a touch of humanity to our heros. Link. Will think of better description and Nassa Hussien joke in the morning, I'm running on empty.

With his boy-band looks, 6ft 6in quick Stuart Broad is the teen pin-up of the side. “If he had a pair of breasts, I'd fancy him too,” says an anonymous off-spinner. “But generally I just want to punch him in the face. But you can't reach.

The Next President of USA

Reza Aslan is talking at a few places in London this week, details.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks" Official video

I'm excited about spending the weekend with the new Grizzly Bear album, have you seen the new video directed by Patrick Daughters? not sure how late I am on it. Pretty refreshing I'd say, if you ever get bored or down on life go and watch Patrick's videos, I find them inspiring every time. Lead singer Edward is often interesting on Twitter too, and this is him meeting Phoenix over skype on Drowned in Sound.

I had no idea it was a rip off, you?

Stephen Shore on Google street view

Shore: West Fifteenth and Vine St., Cincinatti, Ohio, May 15, 1974Google: West Fifteenth and Vine St., Cincinatti, Ohio, 2009Shore: incoln St. and Riverside St., Spokane, WA, August 25, 1974
Google: Lincoln St. and Riverside St., Spokane, WA, 2009

Last month I suggested why not instead of googling yourself google locations in The Wire on street view, this month I saw at Blake Andrews blog he tried finding locations from (famous american photographers) Stephen Shore's book 'Uncommon Places'. In the book Shore says exactly where the photo is taken which helps. Pretty cool I thought.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Photo of the Day

Can't tell you who it is by because I don't want to give away all my secrets.

Obama's Flickr Page

I recommend you click to enlarge.
Lift with hot wife (I'm paraphrasing the original captions)
Oval office with personal assistant/legend Reggie Love, special assistant Eugene Kang, and insanely buff personal secretary Katie Johnson. Insert Clinton joke.
White House Deputy Director of Operations fends off Bo....don't ask don't tell hey?
Leaving Air Force One having returned from Bagdad.
Watching the kids shoot hoops at school like a real live person.

Obama's people are still keeping his flickr page up to date which is very commendable, loads and loads of great pictures, all of them highly flattering obviously, showing him with important people laughing or just generally being brilliant, but you can't complain.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Trunk Archive

If you are ever doing fashion photography research...which I doubt you are but just incase, Trunk Archive is a great resource. This picture is by Guy Aroch who has some nice stuff, not too glossy. link from Morrish

Friday, 22 May 2009

The Don

Great article about the absolute shit that is Donald Rumsfeld, the author talks to a lot of white house aides about his tenure as Defense Secretary. The guy has so much to answer for but is still allowed to stand out there bad mouthing Obama's policies that are simply trying to patch up the shit storm the bush administration left behind and make the world a bit better. I hope he reads this the fucking wally.

"A glimpse behind the magicians cloth"

If I'm honest I had to use google to find the spelling of felate in my last post....I didn't get it first time.

Florence And the Machine - Rabbit Heart Video

I always thought I hated Florence and the Machine, something to do with every time I've seen her, her upper class smugness acts like kryptonite against my humble farming upbringing, I bet she has never got up at 5am to felate a pig under the watchful eye of encouraging uncle who is now serving 5 to 10 for what the press described as "inappropriate behavior for a youth club supervisor." But I actually quite like this song, it hints at a purpose unlike her previous work which suggested it's formation was simple down to the fact that if you have a whole wing to yourself in the house you might as well shout your tits off. But then again, it sounds a dick load like Kate Bush and I love Kate Bush.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Arctic Monkey's Behind the scenes photos

If you don't like Arctic Monkey's you can fuck off. These are sweet behind the scenes shots of them in NYC having just finished recording their 3rd album. Notice how the NME take one quote about a riff sounding like Black Sabbath and turn it into the new album being Sabbath influenced, they will probably be answering questions about that for the next year. Oh yeah, note Cookie's new look, makes me look like the real Tom Ford he's that unkempt. I can do better than that.....he looks like a cracked out Marty Pellow raped his mother whist they were protesting against fox I can't.

Sorry for the blue nature of that last post, I just though no one reads words on the internet anymore so I can say what I want. If you are offended please text me.

Christopher Lamarca

Chris takes some pretty good pictures regarding nature, his website is really nice too.


Re. Header

Yes I completely stole the design.
Yes I deserved to be shot.
Yes you should think less of me.
Yes I will think of my own soon but i was anxious to freshen up slightly and was struggling for inspiration till i saw this.
Yes takes you to the same place as and always has.

People still call my blog tomthinks, I don't think I've ever heard it being referred to as good stuff off the cuff all the time (weird that) so in Michael Martin style move I have bowed to public pressure despite anyone really giving a shit.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks" video

From the guy that spliced together a cowboy film and my body is a cage in 2007 and all I need and wild life footage in 2008, here is two weeks spliced together with La Ballon Rouge.

Brilliant, and how good is the song?

from Booooom again.


This is amazing, if you type a video into yooouutuuube it splits it up into stills and plays them all in lines across the screen....better to take a look for yourself here. Boooom is right when it says this works very well.

This American Life

After talking to my sister recently it came to my attention that not everyone takes me seriously when I say This American Life is my religion and they don't start listening as instructed, the liberty. I feel like I get everything any religion could give from it; moralistic framework, sense of community, stories about wine and cheese and name it. A while ago I compiled a best of for Dan to get her started, and if it's not too presumptuous I'm sure she wouldn't mind me sharing some of it with you. download here.

The Veils

This is a really great interview with The Veils one of my favourite bands of all time. Finn the lead singers actually says something like "I'm been listening to a lot of hip hop recently....Kanye is great" It's like we are best mates or something. I found it interesting when they mentioned how they are considered underdogs. If you haven't heard much The Veils their 3rd album Sun Gangs just came out and is great and £5.99 on itunes, Nux Vomica is the album before this and is quite perfect. They would have been a highlight of my Great Escape in Brighton if I hadn't been for break dancing to Dr Dre.

don't you just hate private jokes in the public domains.

Sky Larkin

Everyone likes Sky Larkin right? Lovely & spirited indie outfit from somewhere outside the M25. I work in an industry that bemoans the death of the music video as an art form but I'm not going to lie to you at the moment all I want to see from a video is a really well shot performance like this. Anyway, their album The Golden Spike is only £4.49 on itunes, which I must admit I've started using recently "with great affluence comes great responsibility" as spiderman's uncles never fails to remind us from his supposed grave...ok i don't have great affluence but don't let facts get in the way of a good mis quote.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mel Bouchner

Thought these by Mel Boucher were great, probably because they reminded me of Stephen Sprouse stuff who recently did a collaboration thing with Marc Jacobs you might have seen. A bit Jasper Johns too. from today and tomorrow which is dooooope.

Nice Office

I'm not one to blog architecture as you well know but this caught my cantankerous eye. more.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Snatch Wars

Funniest thing I have seen all day, and I've been researching parkinsons....

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Stella McCartney Spring/Summer Ads

Thought these were really good and refreshing so i checked out who made them...
Artwork - Dinos Chapman (half of Chapham Brothers)
Photography - Ryan McGinley (started off at Vice, recently did Sigur Ros album cover)
That's why they are good. 


I never buy new clothes, I can't explain why, could be a money/time/effort thing I'm not sure, either way my point is, if you see me and I have a cardigan and a old nike tshirt on - the above is what I'd like to be wearing if it wasn't for the money/time/effort thing, and that's how you should judge me. Burburry from hyperbeast

Friday, 8 May 2009

To be fair that is a dope photo

worth it?

I've Loved You So Long

Have I ever told you to watch I've loved you so long before? I think it might be my favourite film ever (well...Wedding Crashers might still be up there) if you are looking for a emotional intelligent french film this weekend I highly recommend it.

Reza Aslan

I always mean to research some of the guests jon stewart has on, I really liked Reza Aslan so I finally did. He is coming to do talks in the UK at the end of the month, might be worth a look. link. I ordered his book, will probably never read it I'm a fiction man but fingers crossed. Some of the podcasts on his site are very interesting take a listen.

This Is The Index Page

This is the index page is a Converse site that links to other sites they have made up, there is some really great stuff there especially Go take a look save me explaining too much. They asked my friend Mat to write some more, I helped and hopefully some of them will be made soon.

Marcelo Gomes

Playful disregard for technique proves very effective in creating dreamy romantic snap shots. more.

Thobias Faldt

Pretty impressive portfolio over at tinyvices, quite arresting at times.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Camil Tulcan

big fan of this work, the red curtain one is brilliant. From Boooom.