Thursday, 28 May 2009

Obama's Flickr Page

I recommend you click to enlarge.
Lift with hot wife (I'm paraphrasing the original captions)
Oval office with personal assistant/legend Reggie Love, special assistant Eugene Kang, and insanely buff personal secretary Katie Johnson. Insert Clinton joke.
White House Deputy Director of Operations fends off Bo....don't ask don't tell hey?
Leaving Air Force One having returned from Bagdad.
Watching the kids shoot hoops at school like a real live person.

Obama's people are still keeping his flickr page up to date which is very commendable, loads and loads of great pictures, all of them highly flattering obviously, showing him with important people laughing or just generally being brilliant, but you can't complain.


Gareth Morgan esq. said...

these pictures made me feel so happy. im in love with reggie love.

GoodStuffTom said...

dream job?

obama's 'general' assistant that plays basketball and carries stuff.