Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Brief Film Round Up...

I've seen a few films recently, thought I'd share my thoughts.

Sugar is the second feature film from the makers of Haf Nelson. It's the story of a guy called Miguel 'Sugar' Santos trying to move from the Dominican Republic to North America by playing baseball. It's pretty good, worth seeing, although a little slow at times and I personally wasn't happy with the ending, but others I was with thought I was being unreasonable.
Cheri is the latest film from Stephen Frears director of all sorts but most importantly High Fidelity and My Beautiful Launderette. I though it was exquisite, a master class in film making, I felt real compassion for the characters and all sorts. Others thought it dragged a bit and had problems with main guy Cheri and I've heard it's had mixed reviews but fuck that I'm right. out nowish.
Katyn is a Polish film examining the massacre of Polish Officers in the Katyn forest by the Soviet army in 1940. The Soviet government denied the the massacre until 1990, it was originally blamed on the Nazis even though everyone knew it was the Soviets. I thought the film was incredible, real classy film making, subtlety, beauty and numerous emotions in all the right places. The 3rd quarter did seem a bit weird, characters were introduced that we hadn't seen before, but things were back on track for the last quarter. Out in June.
Fugitive Pieces was by contrast self indulgent clap trap, again it was about the war the 2nd world war but the film makers used that as an excuse to string us along forever and a day, don't go and see it. Although my sister thought it was good, you choose who to trust.
Encounters at the End of the World is the latest film Werner Herzog maker of Grizzly Man amongst many others. It's really great go and see it. (that's all you're getting) Out Now.
Rudo Y Cursi is the new film from the makers of Y tu Mama Tambien, it's a bit gash to be honest. I didn't care for any of the characters despite the great cast and the whole plot was a bit gash.
You've heard all about 'Let The Right One In' right? You don't need words from me it's pretty incredible, I do have a few reservations but I wont go into them until you've all seen it, make sure you see it (I blogged about it last year so you can't have a go about me being after the fact here)
Was a little disappointed with this, it wasn't half as sharp as the christmas specials and I'd seen a lot of the funniest clips before hand, but it's well worth your no doubt precious time.

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