Friday, 22 May 2009

Florence And the Machine - Rabbit Heart Video

I always thought I hated Florence and the Machine, something to do with every time I've seen her, her upper class smugness acts like kryptonite against my humble farming upbringing, I bet she has never got up at 5am to felate a pig under the watchful eye of encouraging uncle who is now serving 5 to 10 for what the press described as "inappropriate behavior for a youth club supervisor." But I actually quite like this song, it hints at a purpose unlike her previous work which suggested it's formation was simple down to the fact that if you have a whole wing to yourself in the house you might as well shout your tits off. But then again, it sounds a dick load like Kate Bush and I love Kate Bush.

1 comment:

Gareth Morgan esq. said...

this was filmed in my home town of cobham! big respect.

its a good song... but... ridiculously shameless bush/bjork rippage