Friday, 1 May 2009

This Sunday...

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EDIT: this was pretty terrible. We all felt highly exploited. It was pretty dead all things considered, and the people that were there weren't cool or fit, the place stank of bleach and there was constantly people walking round after you with mops, it was £4.40 a can of red stripe so any tipsiness we had built up before entering was quickly converted to sobriety. The security was gay and everywhere (yes like Carol Ann Duffy this week) one of our friends who was admittedly doing something he shouldn't was taken into a room and strip searched. And I thought worst of all it was £15 to get in AND £1 extra if you wanted to leave and come back in! WTF? Isn't that against some EU directive? paying to get fresh air? I don't know who to write to....might nip round to Diane's.

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