Thursday, 30 October 2008

Another Fucking Palin Video

This was sent to me by one of our directors Clay Weiner, I think he did it but i'm not certain.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Jay Z documentary

According to Mat there was a good Jay Z documentary on BBC last night. Check it on Iplayer here

EDIT: I just watched it, it was ok not brilliant, the presenter Alan didn't seem well suited to the material. 

Kanye Radiohead Mash Mp.

Here is a mash up of Kanye's Love Lockdown and Radiohead's Reckoner I listened to it about eight times whist walking through the london snow last night, I truly think it's amazing. Made by DJ Earth Worm. The phone picuture is of a man cleaning graffiti from the side of Shorditch House as I walked by last night with the song in my ears...I had one of those moments; in the words of Daniel Kitson "I could go anywhere, do anything, be anyone...I probably wont, I have sky+ and live next door to a chinese take away" 

DJ Earth Worm - Reckoner Lockdown.


"RCRD LBL is a network of online labels and blogs serving up fresh new music downloads and exclusive content curated by our online editors and partner labels everyday"

This is a pretty good site for finding new music, my personal favourites are fool's gold and drowned in sound. Kanye is a big fan of fool's gold that makes it better...?

Marie Antoinette Soundtrack

A little after the fact but the Marie Antoinette soundtracks is brilliant, the first disc is mainly 80's shoegazy pop and the second disc has numerous beautiful piano tracks, a great opera type song, and other such treats.

Down To The Wire.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I'd not seen this until today, by Cody Hudson

Monday, 27 October 2008

Kitsune 6

Kitsune have a new compilation out soon, supposedly more melodic than previous efforts, could be exciting, they are also on tour in november...again could be exciting.

Heartsrevolution are on the compilation, they seem good.


I didn't realise I could change a setting on this blog that enables everyone to add comments, before it was just people with google accounts or something but now it is open to all. Please share your thoughts the world will be a better place.

...I've found a bike I like more than the other one I posted

808's and Heartbreak

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

Is anyone else excited about Kanye's new album? I can't tell if everyone else likes him as much as me. From what I've heard (above) his latest direction is right up my street (synthy with 808 beats etc) I know he is nowhere close but I think it could be possible for him to go more in a Bjork direction where he makes albums that are forward thinking and chasing respect rather than sales...he shows signs of such things and he made his name as a producer so he knows his musical apples

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

John Oliver

When Daniel Kitson talks about staying on his friend john's floor in London for 6 months and giving him "arse worms" this is the John he is talking about.

Free Bikes! well as good as.

There is a really cool government scheme run through albeit decidedly evil Evan Cycles that means you can buy a bike with at least 41% off and you pay for it over 12 months. Above is the bike I would quite like it costs £1000, my company would buy it for me out right, they would then claim back VAT and I would then pay my company back over 12 months through my pay packet but before tax - and that's where the extra saving comes in as you pay less tax. This bike would cost me £50 a month for 12 months...look at it, it's turquoise, £50! I don't like to encourage Evan Cycles to make more money but I would rather all my friends had turquoise bikes so here is a link that explains it and even has a calculator so you can work out how much your chosen bike would cost a month.

Comedy, Or lack there of.

ok so i have lost touch with stand up comedy...i just rely on daniel kitson and have given up on anyone else, it's kinda like only watching the wire because nothing else is as good...well it's exactly the same in fact. So this morning having had no work research to do, i have done comedy research - viddy.

David O'Doherty if.comedy winner 2008 - rightly so, the last bit of the song; genius.

Kirsten Schaal: I'm sure you have heard of her still worth a mention, I saw her last year but she was on before Kitson and subsequently eclipsed

Rhod Gilbert part 1: I never trust a strong welsh accent in comedy but I think this guy is good none the less.

jon richardson has a very funny show on 6music at the weekend, i think i like him more than most - specially Danielle and this crowd

that's it. anyone has any fresher suggestions send em this way.

Photo Paris/Erwin Olaf

Last year at Photo Paris (the worlds premier fair for stills photography) I came across the pictures of Erwin Olaf and really liked them, I enjoyed the beautiful colours, interesting moods & cool 50's art direction to be precise, however it wasn't until I saw his book in Magma the other day that I remembered him, and also Photo Paris. Go to magma (if you live in Manchester or London) have a flick through Erwin's book but more importantly why don't you go to Photo Paris? it's on between the 13 & 16th of Nov and you can get a £59 return to Paris on the eurostar, sod the credit crunch Paris baby! You can see all kinds of great photography under one roof...and generally have a day off from your miserable offence


Getting off the tube at Oxford Circus this morning I noticed Uni Qlo advertising all the way up the escalators....predominately fleeces...fleeces? the big thing in '09? 
fuck off.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Barack Steve Obama

part one

part two

Obama steps off the campaign trail for one night and delivers his best speech yet. He is really self depreciating and makes jokes about nearly all the big moments in the campaign. For once his speech isn't targeted at retarded swing voters it's targeted at informed ones like you and i...

thanks to Romanek for the really

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Wire article

I just came across this really great in depth article about The Wire from the New Yorker, it is nice to hear that the creator knew exactly what he was doing when he started out - for some reason I have the impression that they started out just wanting to make a good TV show and by accident it ended up being the amazing depiction modern of society that it is...turns out that was always the plan...who knew?

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Nice pictures I ffffound today.

Rules For My Unborn Son

Chris Morrish has just given me a brilliant website, one of my favourite ever. As the titles suggests it's a list of rules for the authors unborn son and I have to say there is not a thing I don't whole heartedly agree with, it should be given out in schools.

248. There is never an excuse for stealing someone cab
245. Look people in the eye when you say thank you, especially waiters
243. There is no need to tell anyone you are leaving a bar
238. Read before bed every night (a book every 2 weeks is a good target)
234. Thank the bus driver
229. Write letters, On paper.
226. Never ask about another persons grades or salary.
223. Be a Good Diver (above picture)

Ignore the debates...

...nobody says what they mean, this is how you settle shit...

..and these are the real policies.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

When the going gets tough....

...republicans show how shameless the human race can be.

Domestic Post

First ever post from home is coincidentally of a domestic nature. I bought a really good omelet pan the other week, made some genius omelets since. You should do the same. Labour and Wait is the best shop ever. 

ps. sorry for using the term "genius omelets" it's ridiculousness made me chuckle so it stayed in.

The Economist

Friday, 3 October 2008

Art For Obama

Reinforcing my idealistic/ill informed theory that Obama campaign is being paid for by the people so he wont owe lobbyists if (when!) he gets into office is, Art For Obama an auction of contemporary photography, most of the big hitters are involved Tim Davis (1st picture), Todd Hido (2nd picture), Philip-Loca Dicorcia, Alex Soth, Mitch Epstein to name but five. Bidding starts at about a G so most of us might not be able to get too involved.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Alt Indie Photographer

If I were to be a photographer I would probably like to be Jason Nocito, he tends to take pictures of the american indie world I am a big fan of and I like his washed out type style to boot. Take a look at his site, thanks Luke for having even less than me to do at work today and sending me stuff.

Alex Turner Spoken Word

This story passed me by when it broke last month, so I fear the same may have happened you...once my all seeing nature is taking into account you will agree that fear is justified. Alex has recorded one of his short stories (I assume he has many but this may be erroneous) for Matt's Late Night Tales Compilation. I really like the story, equally in content and delivery both couldn't be further up my street, I think the story is something Daniel Kitson would enjoy if a reference point were needed 

(picture from the music video shoot i worked on...woo!)

Indie Ducky is a very good website. It reviews most new 'indie' albums and then offers a free download of said album (it does, in the about sections suggest you such support the artists and not just steal their music etc) The album of the week at the moment is Mercury Rev's newie, which I am listening to right now and sounds very good, a great improvement on previous efforts. Take a look at the site - the writing is pretty good and there is more than just new albums, they have spotlight artist where you can download the full back catalog of an artist, at the moment Bright Eyes is featured, and they have classic albums and stuff. Come on I've sold it right?

thanks to Chris for the tip off.