Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Comedy, Or lack there of.

ok so i have lost touch with stand up comedy...i just rely on daniel kitson and have given up on anyone else, it's kinda like only watching the wire because nothing else is as good...well it's exactly the same in fact. So this morning having had no work research to do, i have done comedy research - viddy.

David O'Doherty if.comedy winner 2008 - rightly so, the last bit of the song; genius.

Kirsten Schaal: I'm sure you have heard of her still worth a mention, I saw her last year but she was on before Kitson and subsequently eclipsed

Rhod Gilbert part 1: I never trust a strong welsh accent in comedy but I think this guy is good none the less.

jon richardson has a very funny show on 6music at the weekend, i think i like him more than most - specially Danielle and this crowd

that's it. anyone has any fresher suggestions send em this way.

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Danielle said...

you're right, you do like jon richardson more than i do x