Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Free Bikes! well as good as.

There is a really cool government scheme run through albeit decidedly evil Evan Cycles that means you can buy a bike with at least 41% off and you pay for it over 12 months. Above is the bike I would quite like it costs £1000, my company would buy it for me out right, they would then claim back VAT and I would then pay my company back over 12 months through my pay packet but before tax - and that's where the extra saving comes in as you pay less tax. This bike would cost me £50 a month for 12 months...look at it, it's turquoise, £50! I don't like to encourage Evan Cycles to make more money but I would rather all my friends had turquoise bikes so here is a link that explains it and even has a calculator so you can work out how much your chosen bike would cost a month.

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