Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Photo Paris/Erwin Olaf

Last year at Photo Paris (the worlds premier fair for stills photography) I came across the pictures of Erwin Olaf and really liked them, I enjoyed the beautiful colours, interesting moods & cool 50's art direction to be precise, however it wasn't until I saw his book in Magma the other day that I remembered him, and also Photo Paris. Go to magma (if you live in Manchester or London) have a flick through Erwin's book but more importantly why don't you go to Photo Paris? it's on between the 13 & 16th of Nov and you can get a £59 return to Paris on the eurostar, sod the credit crunch Paris baby! You can see all kinds of great photography under one roof...and generally have a day off from your miserable existance...no offence

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