Friday, 2 July 2010

Some Rules

While sat on some steps having my lunch I thought of some rules

Don't shop at Tesco
Don't watch The Hills (ironically or otherwise)
Don't, when talking about going to a country say you are going to 'do' it
Don't spend much money on bags
Don't habitually take drugs
Don't be ignorant about current affairs
Don't, when talking about music say you like 'a bit of everything' when in fact you like 'nothing'
Don't get too angry about about sport
Don't let the pictures become the event
Don't get takeaways very often
Don't sit in the pub when you could go to the park
Don't eat at Pizza Express

Read more books, drink more water.


let's be friends.


Aaron said...

But I like Pizza Express

TOMthinks said...

so do do i's just the devil that's all