Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Alistair Campbell On The Culture Show

How the hell did the BBC get Alistair Campbell to watch a screening of In The Loop with Kermode?! Well they did, watch it here. It made great TV - Campbell tried to make out he didn't think Malcolm was like him but basically admitted he was in the same sentence, then he turned on Kermode to defend himself and showed us that manipulting bull shitting side this whole thing is about, ironic really.

And while we are on the subject of British Politics I live on the same street as Diane Abbott! saw her sweeping her yard on Sunday, I wanted to say keep up the good work but I was holding a £2.50 bottle of cider and thought my message may well be undermined. And last night when biking home I had to break to avoid pulling out in front of another cyclist at a junction, the cyclist nodded in gratitude - it was Boris Johnson, "Sorry Boris!" I jovially replied. Good solid times dear reader.

EDIT: just found Campbell has a blog. Might have a few insights on there. It looks like 13 year old girl's page.

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