Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Spotify Albums Vol 2

To help with the eternal problem of being able to listen anything in the world but not being able to choose one thing here is Spotify albums vol 2, if you have any suggests please leave comments. Volume one is here.
The Crimson Wing by The Cinematic Orchestra, sublime soundtrack to new film, perfect to drown out the noises of modern living but still leaving enough brain capacity to concentrate on something else.
A Brief History Of Love By The Pink you know this.
Man on the Moon: End of Day by Kid Cudi the jury is still out on this, I might change my mind but at the moment I'm not a big fan, the lyrics seem to cover everything with a gloss of self pity which is pretty hard to stomach when you know how charismatic and popular Scotty is, pretty much hate the Common narration...but I'll give it a chance
Born Like This by DOOM fresh rap and that.
Greatest Hits by Nas not really listened to this but it's Nas innit.
First Days of Spring by Noah And Whale I didn't like this at first, like Kid Cudi's album the simplistic maudlin lyrics spoilt the whole thing but I've managed to block that out and I really like it now, perfect sound track for walking around london feeling maudlin and simplistic as I often do.
Beacons by Ohbijou. Lovely female fronted Americana (well i think they are Canadian - Canadiacana), paints lovely vidid winter pictures. Lovely.
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix like Phoenix but better (I never really liked them before)
The Ecstatic by Mos Def. Brilliant latest album from ye boy Mos, not listened to this enough yet
Vespertine Live by Bjork one of my favourite ever albums.

Spotify albums volume one here

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