Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Mercury Prize 2009

I know its bollox but I can't help thinking about it. I'm finding it hard choosing an album I think will or indeed should, win this year. My initial reaction was La Roux but something doesn't feel right about her album, perhaps it's too much 80's production and not enough 80's combined with 21st century production, it seems a bit flat...if you see what I mean. Speech Debelle I like the idea of, and when I first heard her sound I was excited but I don't think the album as a whole is that good. Bat For Lashes has some great songs but the album is a bit wishy washy and dreamy, not enough substance. Kasabian....no. The Horrors might have a shot but I can't get into the album for the life of me, it is interesting and accomplished but I don't enjoy it. The others I don't really care about so by default almost that leaves Florence and the Machine, I can't help but like her album, it's pretty exciting and she seems to have momentum from fabulous performances at Reading & Leeds, so that's who I think will win, Florence & The Machine. Boom, there you go that's my answer. Although saying that if I was a betting man I would put a deep sea on La Roux at 1/12 and maybe even Glasvegas at 1/16

...If only The XX album came out earlier.

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