Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Death Drive

Jackson Pollack 11 August 1956

Opening this weekend at the The Wapping Project in London is an exhibition by Dean Rogers that shows the places where nine of our cultural heros were killed in car crashes.

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robert said...

Interesting title!

Slavoj Zizek:

"Death drive is basically [...] the Freudian term for immortality. Death drive has nothing to do [...] with this so-called nirvana principle where everything wants to disappear, and so on. If anything [...] death drive is that which prevents you from dying. Death drive is that which persists beyond life and death."

It is a "terrifying insistence beneath death [...]it can be dead, but it goes on. This terrifying insistence of an undead object."

from http://www.philosophyandscripture.org/Issue1-2/Slavoj_Zizek/slavoj_zizek.html

TOMthinks said...

that is pretty cool, works so well with the subject, hopefully i will go to the exhibition and then i can see if it is referred to, you would have hoped it would be.