Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Kid Cudi Man On The Moon Sampler + Freshman Update

Nice little preview.

Out of the freshmens from last year;

Wale, Kid Cudi, Charles Hamilton & Asher Roth.

Wale has released another mixtape which was pretty good but not as good as last years, I thought it was a bit needless, I kinda wanna hear a proper album instead, it's coming out soon.

Kid Cudi you know about. Album dropping September and currently filming HBO series, he's still sounding fresh if a little pop, and he's a very nice guy. I like him.

Charles Hamilton has gone a little mental and disappeared I think, he used to make like a mixtape every two weeks and constantly blog, and was leading up to a big Interscope album but he has disappeared. His blog says he is off learning to smile again.

Asher Roth was the first to release a proper album and it was a stinker, I was really excited about it but think I only made it all the way through twice.

And Drake...Drake came from nowhere and is more successful than all of them put together, crazy. On the Blueprint 3 Jay Z does a song about all the famous rappers of recent years called 'A Star is Born' in which he says 'Drake's up next see what he do with it' no other new rappers are mentioned I don't think.

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