Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Antlers London Gig

The Antlers are playing the Macbeth in London on Thursday, the are supporting the very good Bear Hands. Tickets and details here.

EDIT: this was very special, can't see The Antlers playing that size gig for long, they blew the other bands away despite being first on.


d said...

yo, you got the album? thoughts? i only caught 10 mins of them at jersey fest so got it (spent actual money and everything i feel is worth mentioning)

d said...

...oh sorry just scrolled down as far as your spotify post, i forgot about spotify, you don't need to get the album.... yes.

TOMthinks said...

i actually bought it on itunes and everything!

love it,favourite of the year so far probably...well with grizzly bear.

little disappointed you only caught 10 mins, they played twice!