Friday, 12 December 2008


I have made a new Tracks compilation for anyone that might like to download it. For anyone that hasn't heard of 'Tracks', I make a compilation of songs that I think are fresh and try to put them together so they work as an album...oh like any compilation? well yes...but I try really hard. It's basically a reflection on what I have been listening to recently but with half an eye on what other people might find interesting. The artwork illustrates what it sounds like you don't need adjectives from me.

A few Notes.

The download is one handy zip file that contains all the tracks, I have also included the artwork files for anyone that might want to burn the disc and put it in an old case like the good old days. Please please please put it in the right order in your itunes or whatever you use - the order is very important - it's a journey! 

I hope you enjoy it and maybe even hear something new you haven't come across before. 

one song that didn't make the cut but was very close

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