Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Girl Talk album download

Whist at my brothers house yesterday he play me some Girl Talk, I've seen the name about for ages but never actually heard any properly, I thought it was the freshest stuff I have heard forever, every song is like 20 samples all put together amazingly, rap, dance, pop and everything in between, if you have a christmas party coming up you have to have this album. But my main reason for posting is the fact that he has released the album in a Radiohead pay what you want style here. I wish more people would do this, we don't want to pay 8 quid for rights protected apple taking over the world itunes mp3's, we dont want to spend 12 quid in hmv on a a disc we rip once then never touch again -  we want to pay about a fiver to easily download the mp3s to our computers, and we are happy that that £5 goes straight to the artist and label...then we have no need to steal anything. There are probably issues stopping everyone doing it but I don't know what they are...

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