Wednesday, 17 December 2008


If you fancy hearing some new songs you could do a lot worse than scan through Pitchfork's Top 100 tracks, most of them are embedded in the page so you can hear them right there and then, god bless technology. All the songs in the top 10 mean nothing to me but there is goodstuff(TM) else where in the list. I can't really be arsed with end of year lists this year I feel TV on the Radio and Bon Iver were leagues ahead of anything else and anybody that differs from this is agendaful (sic) and deceitful. I find it really hard to do end of year lists because I am so fickle and listen to something to death and move on, hence blog titles such as "greatest band of all time this week' At the moment I am completely obsessed with Kid Cudi, but Kanye, Bon Iver and TVOTR have suffered similar treatments this year. 
These are my end of year list, kind of a fair reflection. Those Bon Iver song are so high because I had an amazing daytrotter session of theirs as well as the album. I think props should be reserved for Kid Cudi for making it to number 11 in the top artist chart, I heard him for the first time a week ago and only have 7 songs by him. I don't know how The Street got listened to 145 times I only liked 2 songs on the record. Here's to 2009 - will Klaxons make a shit pop record like we expect or something electronic and beautiful like we dream? will Arctic Monkeys surprise us again with another great record? Will all my friends agree that Kid Cudi is the future of everything? Will someone appear from nowhere a la Bon Iver and put our faith back in humanity? Well it is the year for hoping.  

My song of the year, Lover's Day by TV on the Radio

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