Monday, 26 October 2009

Spotify Albums Vol 4

The BQE - Sufjan Stevens. Sufjan's 'symphonic and cinematic exploration of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Has some stunning moments. Sufjan is well down on the music business at the moment, basically saying he doesn't see the point of crafting an album in this day and age. Although I'm sure my Spotify albums lists aren't making anyone any money, at least it is celebrating the album. The 'Test Match' of popular music, and not singles, the fly by night 20:20 cricket medium, if you pardon the analogy.
There Will Be blood soundtrack - Jonny Greenwood Brooding and beautiful
Bromst - Dan Deacon Lo fi bangers
Tusk - Fleetwood Mac. Rumours annoys me a bit because the hits stick out as they have so many cultural connotations connected to them, Tusk does quite have that problem.
A playlist from saturday night's pre lash
Tour De France - Kraftwerk. To my eternal shame I hadn't listen to this until Spotify was invented. Essential electro etc.
She Wolf - Shikira. Yeah? and?...listen to track 2 and come back to me.
90's R&B - The Masters. is it? ...yes it is.

Rules - The Whitest Boy Alive. I honestly had no idea they had a second album out. pretty good.
Beethoven Symphonies No.7 & 8 fuck number 8, but number 7 and 9 are off the chain.

(Agi has told me I need to clarify that even though I am sincere about my enjoyment of classic music, the terminology I use to express my enjoyment (sick, ill, off the chain etc) is used on a strictly ironic basis)

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