Thursday, 8 January 2009


Bit of an album post? Go on then. Have you got any Dan Deacon? I was reminded of him after Rob posted on his blog a review of 2008, we had some pretty great times in 2008 one of them was seeing Dan Deacon play in East London in a week where we went to a gig every night and saw some amazing things (Jens Lekman, Bon Iver, Telepathe, Xiu Xiu, Animal Collective..and I can't remember who we saw on the Friday) Anyway above is Dan Deacon's 2007 album Spiderman Of The Rings download it here. After the gig I described him as fisher price Digitalism and I'm sticking to it. 

His new album Bromst is coming out in March, make sure you buy it not download it if you like Spiderman of the Rings that I have given you for free.
Night Ripper is Girl Talks album before his current one Feed the Animals that I blogged about previously here. Download Night Ripper here.
And obviously the new Animal Collective album is out on Monday, I'm actually going to go to the record shop to buy it first thing monday morning before work...can't remember the last time I did that...Show Your Bones maybe. Below is a sample of Animal Collectives new album.

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