Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Choosing who to vote is pretty straight forward ideologically innit but all the logistical gubbins about having to vote Labour to keep Tories out can be a real ball ache, this Guardian site hopefully helps by showing the lie of the land where you live (as well as useful stuff like who the fuck your MP is) where I live Tories are quite far behind in 3rd so I should be able to vote for who I like...they only sell Guardians in the shops in Hackney so we should be alright. Interestingly enough Diane Abbott lives on my street and I would vote for her in a shot but unfortunately she aint my MP it's gun toting, Trident Voting Meg Hillier. If you haven't registered to vote you can do it up to 11 days before the election I think.


Blood and Property said...

Apparently there have been boundary changes and diane abbott might now actually live in her own constituency - not Meg Hilliers - which might mean you might too. But you'd probably know that. It was in the depths of this interesting Loving Dalston blog post which says: "One voter's naughty thought is that the boundary was moved to embrace Abbott's Middleton Road home within Hackney North constituency. What, to save Abbott the trouble of moving home? No, that couldn't be true. Could it?"

I thought that might mean that Diane might be your new MP too.

TOMthinks said...

i had no idea about that, i do live on middleton road yeh, brilliant.

thanks a lot! your blog looks great too will give it a good read after work.