Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Noah and the Whale - The First Days of Spring

I never quite got there with noah and the whale, just as I was starting to take notice they were swept up into the mainstream and that little gene that I resent so prevented me from alining with cunts and buying their album. However last night I had to turn the heat down on my frying pan when a song from their new album came on the radio...admittedly this was pure coincidence, the oil was starting to smoke, never the less the song called Blue Skies was fantastic, over at their website you can't download that but you can download 'the first days of spring' the title track from their new album due out at the end of August. It is an atmospheric folk epic, beautiful strings, tender reverb drenched vocals and a raw guitar line holding it all together that would make Andy Dunlop blush (yes that's the Travis guitarist, i still hold him in quite high esteem) and wish them well. Could noah and whale join the 'actually almost relervant 2nd album club' or is this going to be like the time I texted Rob claiming Bloc Party's 3rd album was a return to form only to find on repeat listens it was dog shit.

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