Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tom Forde

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Radioactive waste, Epping. April 2009
Rouge bunting, Clissold Park, London. May 2009
Waiting for cheese cake, Stoke Newington, London. May 2009
Horses field, Epping. April 2009
Kate, Clissold Park, London. May 2009

Just got my first ever 35mm film developed, nothing particularly good just me learning to use a camera properly more than anything, but I wanted to share so you can see how much I improve with my 2nd and maybe even 3rd film. All the ones I thought were going to be good weren't and vica versa.


Anonymous said...

Proud of ya boy and happy you aren't shooting from the hip on one of those funny little cameras that people call digital and actually think it's photography. A very good start but you're right, remove the bottle shot, quick. G

yeahbigapple said...

Oo very good, they look all proper, like a real person took them. The cricket ones not turn out well then?
Good call taking bottle down. x

d said...

ah what was the bottle thing?! feel i'm missing out now. dodgy or just rubbish?

good stuff though! nice colours... and that x

T said...

the cricket ones were pretty boring, too far away from the action. will mail you the bottle one D, it's just rubbish. merci for the props. tanzania 35mm coming soon! x