Monday, 6 April 2009

Lil Wanye and Kid Cudi Hammersmith Apollo

Lil Wanye is playing london on 7th & 8th July supported by Kid Cudi, fancy it? tickets. I think it will be really special even though I thought Hammersmith Apollo had been knocked down

Gareth? Chaz? aint no one else up in this bitch vibe off Weezy.


Gareth Morgan esq. said...

This is tempting. it would be hillarious.

Although its quite a bit of dollar. how quickly do these "hip hop" genre fellows sell out?

are you hitting this?

GoodStuffTom said...

yeah, tis a bit of dollar, if i hadnt just bought Glastonbury tickets and some dope desert boots ( would snap it up. surprised it hasnt sold out already..dont know how hip hop works, maybe it's more casual than indie, hope so.

i want so badly to go to fabric on thursday, last year was one of the best nights ever...but nobody can come so it probably wont happen. you about? get your boy chaz and lets do it.

Gareth Morgan esq. said...

Chaz is chatting some shit about it being too expensive... smelly chat.

I am going though. theres a whole group of my mates. you should get involved. there is an outside chance i might be popping to leicester in the next couple of days in which case i would bring chaz back with me to fabric if he were up for it.

boots look mental!