Thursday, 6 November 2008


Today I have actually had to do work so no blogging has occurred, it is now the end of a long days research and I have actually found some really cool do with work

I found a flicker stream/album of an American guy called Vermont Ferret here. He has scanned and uploaded hundreds of pictures from his and his family's life and written stories about each of them, I started casually scanning through them looking for things I needed for a script but after a while I got a lump in my throat seeing someone live out their life and all that. It looks like he had a very privileged up bringing (he met Eisenhower as a kid see), then went off the radar for years with mental health issues I think,  there is a woman called Maggie in the 70's who appears to be the love of his life but she disappears after a couple of years only to reappear 32 years later, and also quite interestingly his Dad was one of John McCain's teachers and a great inspiration to him apparently

Then Danielle told me about Hugh Crawford who took a Polaroid everyday for from 1979 until the day he died in 1997, take a look pretty incredible.

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