Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Greyscale Day

The skies are grey, the summer has gone...hold on, what is wrong with grey? what's wrong with autumn? I for one look a lot better in a long black coat than I do in shorts, well let's leave my legs for another time, today on this day of apparent gloom I would like to celebrate all that is grey, namely black and white photography, well some of it. I came across the work of photographer Boggie on the tinyvices photography website this morning, I though it was great; full of characters and life, reminded me of the work of photographer Weegie. 

Maybe it was just the similarity in names and not any kind of photographic perspicacity on my part, anyway you can be the judge. Here is a nice article about Weegie and click Boogie photo above for more. If you are really into looking at black and white photography of a similar ilk today, there is also Bruce Gilden (a magnum photographer no less) he goes after them characters too, he has a great book about Haiti kind of appropriate to look at what with Haiti being how it is. Sod it look at Gary Winogrand as well, influential street photographer and all that.

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