Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tracks 7

So here is a compilations I have made. Download a zip containing the individual songs here.

Just caught John from accounts listening to it in the wrong order, please put it in the right order if your Itunes doesn't automatically, there is a running order in the folder.

As always I tried to make it fresh music that you might not have heard, music that I really love, and an album that has a flow and feel of it's own. I tried to make the artwork fit the music, I wanted something lo-fi, youthful, and dare I say it, visceral. I hope you enjoy it, any feedback positive or negative is very much welcomed, you know tracks you like, tracks you hate etc.

My favourites are probably Gauntlet Hair (which is coming out on Gorilla vs Bear Record label Forest Family), Wu Lyf which have blogged about and Memory House the last (completely depressing) track.

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